This past weekend, I attended a lingerie shower for a friend and Bride-to-Be (in 2 days!). One of the party throwers asked if I could bring my camera and of course that was no hassle lol. Here are a few from the shower. We had a lot of fun. I’m only posting a few {turns out there’s more than a ‘few’ lol} and will post more after the wedding. I don’t want to spoil anything for the groom 😉 {if he should happen to read my blog that is}
I also have the pleasure of being the photographer for their beach wedding. I’m excited!
The cake- all homemade and delicious!

Favors and game prizes.

Bride to Be

The purse game has begun. Amazing what us women carry in our bags.

This was the whoever had the box when the music stopped had to wear what was in the box. Made for some great laughs!

3 of her friends, her aunt, and grandma wrote her a part of a poem and each gave her a pair of panties that went with their part of the poem. Well we all know what grandma gave her LOL

Scavenger Hunt/ Relay Race Time!

There are some fierce competitors!