The other day, I received my 8×10 Black Suede Photo Album from MPixPro. I love their prints quality and thought I’d try their photo albums. The first picture in the book it looks like their printer messed up and put this huge white line down the arm of the subject. I’ve contacted them about it at the beginning of the week and got no response, so I tried again today. Hopefully, they will get back to me. I got the 10 page and I should have just went with 20 pages, it feels thin otherwise. I also got the matte finish on the paper, but wished I had got the semi-gloss. Other than that, I’m pretty happy with it. If Mpix writes me back about it will depend of if I use them again or not. I will still use them for prints, but I’m not sold on their books. I do like the silver engraving 🙂

*Update 7/28/11* MPixPro did email me back and is sending a new book out ASAP. I am satisfied.