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Lately, I’ve been lurking on some photographer forums and also bridal forums. Two things that have come to my attention is plus size brides- most are nervous about the photography portion and photographers- some, for one reason or another, have trouble photographing plus sized people and most don’t show case a plus size wedding or shoot on their site.

I don’t know if these issues stood out to me because I’m plus sized, or not. But I am, there’s no hiding the matter. If you’ve met me you know I am. As a photographer, it has never mattered to me what size my client is. I’ve also seen some photographers asking if they should talk to their client about them being plus sized. As someone who likes to be in front of the camera as well, I don’t need to reminded and many people, if not all, don’t want to be reminded about their size. For photographers, the worst thing you can do is talk about size to a plus size woman, who maybe self conscience about her weight already, before the shoot. All your going to end up with is photos, where the person is only thinking about their size and looks uncomfortable. Any photo shoot should be fun! It’s just like photographing anyone else. You look for the best angles and focus on their best assets, that’s what a photographer is supposed to do anyway. If it’s a concern with the client, let them bring it up first.  If it’s not a concern of theirs, then it shouldn’t be for the photographer either.

For all the plus size brides, especially ones who are nervous about the photography area of your wedding. I have been in your shoes. I once was a bride and plus sized also. I did feel like my wedding photographer, who also did my engagement pictures, was having a challenging time. I think my wedding dress was a size 18. My fear was, we’re always told black slims you, so I started griping at having to wear a white dress. I thought it’d make me look huge. But my Maid of Honor assured me that I was wrong, which I thought she was lying to me and was really dreading dress shopping. But she was right! I don’t know how, but wedding dresses don’t make anyone look bad, especially when you find ‘the dress’. Another fear of some, is stuff like back fat, arms, neck. If you’re nervous about back fat, wear a veil to cover your back and make you more comfortable. Wear the appropriate undergarments to make sure eveything is tucked in place. I know many fear that you won’t look as good in your photos as you felt that day. But in all honesty, I have never seen a bad looking bride, big or small. Love is a beautiful thing and so is happiness. That day, you will be radiating on your wedding day. If you have concerns about your photography, bring them up with your photographer before booking them. This gives you insight on how they view a plus size bride. Whether it’s going to be challenging for them or just like any other wedding.

A boudoir session is fun at any size or shape. I did one and it was a blast! It happens to be a great anniversary or wedding gift for your man. I’m going to do another post on plus size boudoir photography in the next week or so. Be on the look out for it!

This world is full of different shapes and sizes, embrace and celebrate it! Life’s meant to be photographed.

Photographers, make the bride feel just as beautiful as she looks on her big day. Brides, you will love your memories brought out in your photography and you will see that you are gorgeous!

The photos in this post are from my wedding. Photo credit to Heather Wilkinson Photography.The photos of my husband and I are a shoot I did from February 2011.