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There’s been quite a lot of talk lately on where to do a first look before the ceremony or the traditional, walking down the isle, first look. There’s really no wrong answer, it really depends on your preferences. I am, however, going to tell you a few positives on why you should do the first look before the ceremony.

1. Time. You will be getting all your couples photos done before the ceremony, which means less time after, which in turn means more time partying. If you have enough time, most of the bridal party formal and fun portraits can be done, as well. This leaves the couple more time to get to their party and less time for guests wondering when the newlyweds are going to show up.

2. You’re freshly done. Everyone’s make-up & hair will be fresh and newly done. No sweating, make-up running from tears, or wind blown hair. For the men, hopefully no underarm stains from being nervous.

3. You get some really cute, candid, surprise pictures.

4. It’s an intimate experience- just the bride, groom and photographer. You’ll have some time to enjoy eachother before the ceremony, where all eyes will be on you. Because weddings are such a big event {usually}, you probably won’t have time to enjoy being with your husband or wife until after the wedding is over.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with be traditional either {I did, but do wish I had done a first look}.

If you would like to go the traditional route, there are some cute photos you can do before the ceremony as a couple, but without seeing eachother. I’ve seen these become more popular lately. I call it “The Not First Look, First Look”. Basically, you’re both in the same room, you just can’t see eachother. I’ve seen some amazing pictures like this.

Just choose what you’re comfortable with. I know it’s a hard decision to make, but I don’t think it will be a regrettable one.

I have not yet photographed a first look and don’t want to post other photographer’s work. If you’d like more examples of a first look, you can use either Google or Pinterest and just search First Look.