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Welcome 2012! I know it’s almost the middle of January. But I have been super busy. This year I designed a whole new welcome packet for new clients, a referral program, boutique packaging, new business cards, the WORKS! I also have surprises up my sleeve for current clients 😉

I want to show them to you, but I don’t have everything quite yet. It will probably be mid February before I am able to post it, but I will show you.

The biggest thing for me this year is I’m focusing on Weddings and Engagements. I will still be doing various portrait sessions as well, but my main focus is Weddings and telling the couple’s story. The best thing about a story is everyone’s got one, even me, but I’ll save that for another time. Even though everyone has a story, they are all unique and none of them are the same, which just intrigues me. It’s stories that get passed down through generations. One day your grandchild will sit on your lap and say, ” Tell me the story of you and grandpa”, or ,”you and grandma”.  What will you have to show them?

So, What’s your story?