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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of taking little Eli’s 1 year photos, which includes a cake smash!

{But that’s in part 2 ;)}

His mom, Casie, and I met in high school way back when. I knew her then, but wasn’t really friends with her. I seemed to stick to myself and hang out in photography class & darkroom during lunch. More on that another time. A few years after high school, we ended up working at the same place and became friends. Now, we both have kids and we’re still trying to wrap our head around that. When she asked me to take his photos, of course I said yes! He is so cute and a good baby, easy to make laugh.

The day started with cloudy skies and by the time we were going to do the session, it was pouring. I was sitting in the Sugar Mill Gardens gazebo, hoping it would stop. It didn’t, at least while I was there. They called and we met for lunch at Chili’s, chatted, and by the time we were done the rain was finished. We didn’t know for how long though. We rushed back to the gardens and the rain started sprinkling just as I took the last couple of photos. The wagon in these photos are Eli’s dad’s wagon from when he was a baby! It adds a sentimental, vintage touch. I’m really glad that we were able to work in between the rain and get some cute photos for this awesome family.

-Be on the lookout for Part 2- Cake Smash-